Web Series Sitcom Pilot. Created by Rich Rose and David Ralf.

WHIPPED is a grubby story with a warm heart that takes place in a Soho sex shop. The show focuses on the shop’s four main inhabitants: ex-pornstar turned small-businesswoman Crystal (Saffron Sprackling), hyperactive erotic connoisseur Leonard (Chris Kendall), wannabe hipster tattoo artist India (Annabel Bates), and a new employee Nathan (William Sebag-Montefiore) - a hopeless romantic who is thrust into their midst.

WHIPPED was released in October 2016 on YouTube channel CRABSTICKZ and to date has generated over 430,000 hits. Among positive press reviews, THE GUARDIAN featured WHIPPED in their list of "Which web series should move to TV next?". The show is being considered for further development with a view to producing a full series.